Log Cabin #16
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Log Cabin #16 is an 2,865 sq ft cabin with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 

This 2 bedroom cabin has it all: A comfortable master bedroom, sitting area and private master bath with walk in closets.  A large second bedroom with a bath.  A large living room and seperate family room.  Dining room and seperate sitting area.  The 3 dormers (2 gable dormers and 1 shed dormer) offers a lot of open space on the second floor.

This plan includes the following drawings: 

  • Simplified Floor plans
  • Complete Floor Plans
  • Detailed Elevations
  • Numerous Detailed Cross Sections
  • Foundation Plan and Details
  • Sub Floor Framing Plan and Details
  • Sub Floor Material Take-off
  • Loft framing plans and details
  • Loft floor material take-off
  • Roof Framing Plan and Details
  • Roof Framing Material Take-off
  • Log Package Perspective
  • Complete Framing Perspective
  • Window and Door Scedules
  • Window and Door Details
  • Full Electrical Plans and Schedules
  • Main Log Framing Plan and Details
  • Loft log framing plan and details
  • Log Wall Elevation Drawings
  • Log Roof Framing Plan and Details
  • Log Schedules (including log walls)
  • General Construction Notes
  • Project Info
  • Notes Page 

All log pages include coordinated log tags to make construction and assembly easier whether you are an experienced log builder or a first time builder. 

All downloads are 24"x36" PDF files.  These files can be printed in a smaller format or they may be taken to a print store (such as a UPS Store or Allegra) for full size Architectural D sheets.

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Log Cabin #16

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